Dear Fountain Valley School District Families:

We are fortunate to serve a generous community that continuously supports young people.  That being said, over the summer months, some of our families struggle to provide healthy meals on a consistent basis.  In FVSD, we are fortunate to have a partner, Summer Harvest, that assists with this need, when school is not in session. If you could benefit from assistance over the summer, or if you would like to help/donate, please see below.  Also attached is a letter provided in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese with further details.  

All the Best,

Erik Miller

Oka Principal

A message from Amy Payne, Executive Director, Summer Harvest

For many families in the Fountain Valley School District, summer brings space for bucket lists and vacations. Yet, for roughly 1,250 children summer becomes a stressful season.  What most of us do not realize is the district does not meet the government’s criteria for providing a summer food service program. These families are caught in a gap, a gap which creates food insecurity. Food insecurity, the lack of enough healthy food to eat, is an issue in every community.  To meet this need head-on, Summer Harvest was developed with a clear vision to eliminate food insecurity for school-aged children in affluent communities where children do not qualify for government or other help programs.  As a 100% volunteer-based 501C3, our mission is to provide healthy meals to families with children on the federal lunch program, during the breaks from school. This summer we will distribute groceries including non-perishable items, fresh fruits and vegetables, and easy to follow recipes. 

If you would like some additional help this summer, please go to: to register to receive groceries this summer.

If you would like to sponsor a family, a donation of $80 will provide groceries including non-perishable items, fresh fruits and vegetables, and easy to follow recipes for the summer.

If you would like to donate your time, please see our website for dates and times when we need volunteers. Please note that school aged children are encouraged not to volunteer on Saturdays in the district where they attend school. We have three different locations on Saturdays.

With each of us doing our part, no child in our district will ever have to feel insecure about their next meal. 

Thank you, 

Amy Payne
Executive Director 
Summer Harvest - Food for Kids