Oka Elementary School has a parent community equal that is tremendous in supporting teachers and students.  Our PTO offers many opportunities for you to contribute to this school in order to enhance the educational experiences of our students.  Monthly meetings are generally held at various times, in order to try and accommodate the various schedules.  Some are in the mornings, others in the afternoons. 

Parents and community members are welcome to attend.  The current board is eager to bring new leadership into this organization.  Oka PTO sponsors several fundraisers throughout the year; in order to provide valued programs and support Oka students including assemblies, field trips, additional art, music, robotics, science, and many other activities. 

Because of these generous contributions, teachers are also allocated supply money to augment classroom materials.  A list of PTO meeting dates and additional contact information will be provided at our first PTO meeting of the year. One of the best ways to show your support is by becoming a PTO Member!  Check out the attached Membership Drive flyer.

For any further information, please contact: 714.378.4260




          Joelle Walton rjwwalton@gmail.com

1st Vice Presidents of Hospitality/Public Relations

          Nicole Brecht nrbrecht@gmail.com 

2nd Vice President of Fundraising

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3rd Vice President of Health & Welfare

          Sophia Merrill sophiamerrill@gmail.com


          Cherie Hutchens chutchens@gmail.com 

Financial Secretary / Treasurer

          Andrea Gerhardt anntay6@aol.com


          Daniell Surico scottsurico@gmail.com 



PTO Chairpersons  

Action Committee for Education (ACE)

         Cindy Rotter cindy@rotter.us

After School Classes & Enrichment Program Coordinator

         Marisa Campbell marisa@luisoart.com

Art Masters 

          Marisa Campbell marisa@luisoart.com 

Best Foot Forward & Accelerated Reader

          Carrie Wood elliottsgurl219@gmail.com     

          Cherie Hutchens chutchens@gmail.com

Book Fairs 

          Denyse Jennings denyselj@gmail.com

Box Tops

          Carrie Wood elliottsgurl219@gmail.com

Dine Outs & Dining for Oka

          Nicole Brecht nrbrecht@gmail.com

Social Media & Facebook

          Jenn Saiki jensaiki@gmail.com

Holiday Gift Shop 

          Andrea Gerhardt anntay6@aol.com

Skate Parties 

         Nicole Brecht nrbrecht@gmail.com 

         Carrie Wood elliottsgurl219@gmail          

Superintendent-Parent Council (SPC)

        Joelle Walton rjwwalton@gmail.com

5th Grade Committee

        Carrie Wood elliottsgurl219@gmail     

        Marissa Campbell marisa@luisoart.com


        Room Moms/Shutterfly Account

        VACANT - Can you help?