Principals Message

A Few Words from Oka's Principal...Mr. Erik Miller


Welcome to Isojiro Oka Elementary School, Home of the Wolfpack


Welcome to 2020...well actually the 2019-2020 school year!  It wasn't that long ago we were worried about a new millennium, and now we're staring 2020 in the face!  I'm so excited to return as Oka's Principal and be on this journey with an amazing group of students, teachers, staff, and parents!   There are many things that change and evolve in education, however one thing that stands the test of time is simply this: At Oka, STUDENTS ARE OUR #1 PRIORITY.  This isn't a new philosophy, it's just the foundation of who and what we're all about! 


Oka has fully transitioned into implementing the Common Core California Standards for students, while simultaneously infusing a large amount of technology into the hands of teachers and students. Every Oka classroom has a SMART Board accompanied with a top-of-the-line projector.  Recently, we surpassed our goal of becoming a 2:1 school, and we're moving closer toward each student having their own device, with over 250 Chromebook and iPad devices in the hands of students on a daily basis.  We balance this with our Values in Action program, that has been part of the Oka campus and culture for over two decades. Student development is not only about being strong academically, it also focuses on being a fantastic human being. There are seven characteristics we focus on: Initiative, Integrity, Cooperation, Compassion, Respect, Perseverance, and PMA (Positive Mental Attitude).


As I proudly begin year nine as Oka's Principal, I am thrilled to build upon past excellence and also tackle the challenges we have in front of us moving forward.  Oka has dealt with a number of obstacles to overcome, and emerged in a position to successfully help our students achieve levels of success that are not found at many other schools.  The successes of the Wolfpack have resulted from an incredible amount of hard work and commitment by parents, staff, and students.  That said, we're all about making tomorrow even more successful than it is today.   


Prior to my experiences as Principal at Oka, I was the Assistant Principal at Talbert Middle School.  I also was a teacher and administrator in the Irvine Unified School District at both the elementary and middle school levels.  In addition to my own parents, two of my greatest influences both personally and professionally were my 1st grade teacher, (and again in 3rd grade) Mr. Oldoerp, as well as my elementary school principal, Mr. Bedley.  Today, I still appreciate the friendship I have with each of them.  Ironically, I was a product of the Values in Action program that has also been part of Oka's core for many years, because it was created and developed by Gene Bedley.


I look forward to working with the staff, students, and families of Oka to continue to make this school a huge source of pride within our community.  I work from this philosophy: "Kids Come First!"  My top priority is to have our students in a school environment where they are valued, challenged, supported, and safe.  The importance of a strong school-home connection is vital to the success of your child.  My wife and I are parents of three kids, all currently in high school.  I know how important these years are for your child and will work with the Oka staff to make this experience a success for each of our students.  I encourage you to be involved with your child's education.  If you can volunteer on campus, that's awesome and amazing!  If you can support through fundraising efforts, that's greatly appreciated!  If you can read with your child everyday, that's the absolute best!!!  


All My Best...


Erik Miller