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School Policies

Please review the updated Safety Changes that went into place in February 2016.  The memo is on the news section of the Oka Homepage.  
Items that should NOT be at Oka: Skateboards, Scooters, Electronic Devices (unless a cell phone or teacher promoted BYOD device), Toys, Pets, and Negative Attitudes.
Items that are allowed at school, as long as the conditions are maintained:
  • Bicycles - Only ridden by students in Grades 3-5, as long as the rider has a helmet being worn appropriately.  All city and state laws must be followed by any bike rider.  Bikes must be locked in the bike rack area for the duration of the school day.  Oka is not responsible for any bike damage or loss that may occur.  For parents of students in Grades K-2, if you choose to ride a bike and drop off or pick up your child, please note that your bike must remain in the bike rack area when you're on campus.  
  • Cell Phones - Students must keep their cell phones turned off for the entire duration of the school day.  Cell phones should remain in student backpacks and are not allowed to be seen, even during recess, lunch, or before school while students are on campus.  Violations of cell phone misuse will result in the phone being taken from the student and being returned to a parent.  Repeated violations can/will result in further consequences.
  • Dress Code - Oka Elementary School is a school that has a range of students ages from 3-12.  Expectations for student appearance are that students present themselves in a manner that promotes student learning in a distraction-free environment.  Discretion is expected in the appearance of students, so that our energy and environment remain focused on learning, and not violations of dress code or appearance.  Please note, that the school administration has the final decision regarding any concerns that arise during the course of the school year.  Parents, if you have a question, please ask ahead of time and don't send your child to school expecting that a new trend or fad may be accepted.