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Oka Elementary School is a 2016 California Gold Ribbon School, recognized by our state, for excellence in providing the highest quality education to our students!  We are a huge source of pride within our community!  We have been previously recognized as both a California Distinguished School and the Top Elementary School in Orange County, by the OC Register.  Oka is part of the illustrious Fountain Valley School District, which is comprised of seven elementary schools and three middle schools.  Oka is located just south of Fountain Valley in the city limits of Huntington Beach.  Oka serves students in grades kindergarten through five on a traditional calendar schedule.  In addition, we have five pre-school classes, and an Early Entry Kindergarten class on our campus, as well as Extended School Program, in order to provide before and after school child care.  Oka is all about offering a family-oriented, nurturing, and safe place for students to learn, grow, and develop intellectually.  Teachers, staff, and administrators continue to act on the principle that students come first.  Our educational programs are tailored to meet the needs of our specific students; however, all students are given access to the appropriate curriculum, in order to best achieve success in mastering the California State Standards.

Students are guided by specific rules and classroom expectations that promote respect, cooperation, courtesy, and acceptance of others.  Our discipline goal is to provide students with opportunities to learn self-discipline through a system of rewards and consequences for their behavior. Trimester awards are bestowed to students who exhibit exemplary and scholarly behaviors.  We also have a variety of other student recognition programs, many of which are based on the "Values in Action" program, designed and created by National Educator of the Year, Mr. Gene Bedley.  This program introduces students to a variety of character traits that help them to become well-rounded citizens.  Each year, a new theme is introduced so that by the time a student has completed elementary school, they will have been taught all of the identified traits.  

Oka is a Title I school, which means we receive additional funding to directly support students and staff.  Personnel consists of classroom and special education teachers, a part-time psychologist, as well as full and part-time classified staff members.  Special programs include GATE (Gifted and Talented Education), Speech & Language, a Resource Specialist, and two Special Day Classes.  All Oka students receive weekly music instruction by a credentialed music teacher.  In addition, upper-grade students in grades 3-5 have an opportunity to take band or orchestra.  More information can be found by clicking on the Arts & Learning conservatory link on the Oka homepage.  Oka has one dedicated computer Mac computer lab, four mobile classroom Chromebook carts, as well as dozens of iPads used daily by students.  
Parents and the community are very supportive of the educational program at Oka Elementary School. Parents are encouraged to become involved in their child’s education by volunteering at Oka, participating in school activities, and joining school committees and councils. In addition to community and business partnerships, Oka benefits from an extremely active Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO). The PTO sponsors numerous fundraisers, awards programs, activities, and field trips throughout the school year. This past year, the Oka PTO has been instrumental in helping provide and fund additional technology for student usage, as well as providing additional music, art, and computer coding for students.  Finally, Oka is proud to offer a variety of enrichment opportunities for students outside of the school day, some of which include: Academic Chess, Bricks4Kids, Skateboarding with Skatedogs, FIBO Art, Band / Orchestra with Arts & Learning Conservatory, and Coding with BitScouts.  We love to see students shine and blossom by getting to experience what they might not otherwise have a chance to do if they were outside of the Wolfpack!
Oka is smaller than many schools, but this allows all of our staff to get to know our students on a more meaningful level, and thus, we really do get to put students first!  This allows us to be an even more strong and cohesive Wolfpack team; striving for excellence in all areas of academics, in order to provide students with the level of rigor, connection, and support, to make their years in elementary school the BEST!